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Refreshing a Rental Property: ArmorHouse Painting's Expert Tips

At ArmorHouse Painting, we recently took on an exciting project: prepping a rental property for new tenants after the previous ones moved out. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch painting services, and this job was no exception. Here's a glimpse into our process and some valuable tips for rental property owners looking to keep their spaces appealing and maintenance costs low.

Freshening Up with Sherwin-Williams Pure White

For this rental property, we chose Sherwin-Williams Pure White for the walls. This popular color is attractive due to its clean and versatile look, making it an excellent choice to attract a wide variety of potential tenants. A fresh coat of Pure White can breathe new life into any space, giving it a bright and welcoming feel.

Cost-Effective Painting Tips for Rental Owners

Keeping painting costs manageable is a priority for many rental property owners. Here are three key strategies we recommend:

  1. Stick to Popular Colors: Opting for a widely loved color like Pure White ensures that your walls can be easily refreshed with just one coat. This not only saves on paint costs but also reduces labor time.

  2. Regular Maintenance: Plan to refresh baseboards, trim, doors, and cabinets periodically. By addressing these areas a little with each tenant turnover, you can avoid larger deferred maintenance costs in the future. For this project, we painted the baseboards in three rooms, refreshed the cabinets, and even cleaned the ceilings, in addition to painting the walls.

  3. Light Touchups Between Tenants: Addressing minor nicks and scuffs on doors and trim can make a big difference in maintaining the overall appearance of the property. In this rental, we conducted light touchups on the trim to ensure the house looks pristine for the incoming tenants.

By following these tips, rental property owners can keep their spaces in top condition while managing costs effectively. At ArmorHouse Painting, we're committed to delivering quality results and helping property owners achieve a fresh, inviting look that appeals to prospective tenants.

If you're in need of professional painting services for your rental properties, don't hesitate to contact us at ArmorHouse Painting. We're here to help you maintain and enhance your investment with our expert painting solutions.

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